Industrial Applications

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As we all know, the industrial industry includes several segments application areas. The most common applications entail the manufacturing of individual parts and fully complete products. Installation flexibility and versatility are key features of compressed air making it a fundamental asset for industries.

Determining Power Supply

One of the first things to consider before equipping your business with compressed air solutions is the power supply. Depending on the size of your business, this can determine the type of air compressor that would work best for you. Reach out to our sales teams for any questions concerning finding the right air compressor for your business. 

Considering Sound Levels

When considering an air compressor for your industrial facility, carefully consider the sound level that originates from compressed air generators. This aspect becomes increasingly important in smaller facilities where you are unable to dedicate a room for your airflow system.

Ideal for smaller work environments, our 2-Stage Quiet Power Series provides a solution to high noise levels without compromising efficiency levels. Tailored towards professionals, this series provides performance you can depend one while being delivered in an extremely quiet package. Reduced noise levels are a rare feature regarding air compressors, which is why ABAC has delivered just that.  


Type of sound

140 dBA

Flight deck while take-off or landing

120 dBA

Whistle from 1 m distance

Pain threshold, over this level the risk of ears damages is real

115 dBA

Take-off of an airplane from 10 m

110 dBA

Music sound level in a disco event

105 dBA

Chainsaw from 1 m distance

100 dBA

Pneumatic drill from 10 m distance

95 dBA

Desperate cry

90 dBA

Motorcyle from 6 m distance

85 dBA

Chainsaw from 2 m distance

80 dBA

Heavy traffic in highway from 25 m

70 dBA

Hairdryer from 1 m distance

65 dBA

Normal speech

60 dBA

Lawm mower

55 dBA

Television from 1 m distance

50 dBA

Fridge from 1 m distance

45 dBA

Light buzz

35 dBA

Silent fan

25 dBA

Breathe from 1 m distance

Examples of Compressed Air Technology Applications

1. Facilities specialized in hydraulic pump combinations; any crane trucks can benefit greatly from hydraulic pumps being separated from engines

2. High-frequency welding applications can be easy be completed with compressed air solutions

3. Air compressors can act as powerful generators, allowing power to be generated for maintenance tasks

4. Minimize the risk of unexpected shutdowns

5. For general manufacturing industry applications, air compressor are essential for tool power, stamping, and cleaning.