Spray Foam Compressors

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Spray Foam Compressors

Sealing Efficiency: The Role of Compressors in SPF Installation

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Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a cellular thermoset plastic material. There are two types of SPF — namely open-cell, low-density foam and closed-cell, high-density foam — that the building industry uses for insulation in commercial and residential buildings. 

With the right amount of air pressure, technicians can effectively insulate a building with SPF. Spray foam compressors play a crucial role in installing this thermoset plastic material, as they activate spray foam equipment and allow technicians to apply the right amount of chemicals on a surface to form an insulation barrier. 

ABAC retails durable piston air compressors and industry-leading rotary screw compressors that provide the right amount of air power to deliver superb spray foam services.

Spray Foam Manufacturing Compressor Applications

A spray foam compressor forms part of a spray foam rig. Typically, a spray foam rig will include equipment like an air compressor, a proportioner, an air dryer, transfer pumps, a heated spray foam hose, a foam gun and respirators.

To create spray foam, you need to mix two chemical components — isocyanate and a polyol blend. These components are commonly known as A-side and B-side. 

A technician will harness a spray foam air compressor to actuate the spray foam machine or proportioner. The machine pumps the exact ratio of the two components into the spray hose. The spray hose consists of three inner hoses — A-side and B-side each has an inner hose, and the third is an air hose. 

The spray gun utilizes pressurized air to apply the two chemical components onto the surface. The spray gun allows the liquids to turn into tiny particles and mix. When the chemicals mix on the application surface, a chemical reaction occurs — effectively creating insulation foam. 

When technicians install SPF correctly, it helps control building temperature and can also reduce noise.

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor

When selecting a compressor for your foam rig, choose one large enough to provide adequate air to all your equipment. You'll want to consider the cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pounds per square inch (PSI). CFM measures how much air moves each minute in cubic feet, while PSI measures how many pounds of pressure your compressor delivers per square inch. You'll want to check the PSI and CFM requirements of your equipment to ensure you choose a well-suited spray foam insulation air compressor. 

You'll further need to decide whether you want to opt for an oiled or oil-free compressor. A powerful oil compressor generally provides a larger output than an oil-free machine. 

You might also want to look into a screw-type air compressor for spray foaming, as these oil-free models work well in small work environments like spray foam rigs. They operate with low noise and vibration levels, and these machines provide compressed air throughout the day, as they do not require a cooldown period. These compressors also provide cleaner air, safeguarding your equipment against contaminants. 

Choose ABAC for Spray Foam Manufacturing Compressors

ABAC has been designing and manufacturing air compressors for over 40 years, and throughout the decades, we've built up an impressive portfolio of industry-leading rotary screw and piston air compressors. Built into every compressor is uncompromising reliability, and we offer this industry-leading equipment at the most affordable prices. To find out more about our compressors, contact our knowledgeable customer care technicians today!

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