Extensive Use

Suitable for professional applications in need of consistent compressed air supply, such as metal and wood workshops or auto body and repair shops. 



The double pump technology and cast iron construction ensure outstanding durability and performance, even in the most demanding work environments. 

Downtime Reduction

Powerful Duo

Alternating control is a strategic feature designed to decrease downtime by allowing multiple pumps to operate in rotation, reducing wear and tear on individual units.

Flexible Programming

Control Precision

The fully programmable control panel offers a high level of customization and flexibility, allowing users to tailor the control parameters to their specific needs.

Products suitable for these applications

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Technical Table

Model Part Number Gallon HP Power Supply (V/Ph) CFM @ MAX PSI MAX PSI Weight (lbs.) LxWxH (in)
ABC5-21120HD 2020041757 120H 5 (X2) 230/1 32 175 1120 25X79X52
ABC5-23120HD 2020041758 120H 5 (X2) 230/3 14.4 175 1120 25X79X55
ABC5-43120HD 2020041759 120H 5 (X2) 460/3 14.4 175 1120 25X79X55
ABC7-21120HD 2020041760 120H 7.5 (X2) 230/1 42 175 1138 25X79X55
ABC7-23120HD 2020041761 120H 7.5 (X2) 230/3 42 175 1138 25X79X55
ABC7-43120HD 2020041762 120H 7.5 (X2) 460/3 42 175 1138 25X79X55
ABC10-23120HD 2020041793 120H 10 (X2) 230/3 64 175 1302 25X80X50
ABC10-43120HD 2020041795 120H 10 (X2) 460/3 64 175 1302 25X80X50
ABC10-23200HD 2020041794 200H 10 (X2) 230/3 64 175 1646 25X80X50
ABC10-43200HD 2020041796 200H 10 (X2) 460/3 64 175 1646 25X80X50
ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure.pdf
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