Compressors for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas compressors need to be uncompromisingly dependable to perform various heavy-duty tasks. Find the best oil and gas compressor today!

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Compressors for the Oil and Gas Industry

Maximizing Efficiency: Selecting the Ideal Oil and Gas Compressor

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The oil and gas industry uses air compressors in drilling sites and refineries. These powerful machines are essential for various applications, as compressed air systems offer a cost-effective and safe power source in an industry with volatile environments.

This industry commonly uses rotary screw compressors because they efficiently function at high speeds. When a large centrifugal air compressor needs repairs, rotary screw compressors can provide excellent backup power and may also be utilized during high demand to offer additional power. 

The industry also uses reciprocating piston compressors to compress and transport gases or help remove sulfur in crude oil

ABAC has an impressive portfolio of industry-leading rotary screw compressors and superior piston compressors that offers the gritty durability the oil and gas industry requires.

Applications of Air Compressors in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry utilizes air compressors in various applications. Businesses may harness the power of an oil and gas compressor to help execute the following pivotal operations:

Gas Compression

Many compressed air systems use gas ends for various applications like landfill gas, wellhead boosting applications, fuel gas and vapor recovery.

Onshore and Offshore Drilling

Whether a drilling team needs to gain access to an underground oil source on land or drill through the seabed, teams often use air compressors for onshore and offshore drilling. 

Well Testing

Air compressors play a crucial role in offshore oil well testing through their involvement in flowback, well clean-up and data acquisition. These powerful compressors often power data acquisition tools like control valves and pneumatic tools and must be compact enough to fit on small offshore platforms. 

Pipeline and Process Services (PPS)

PPS needs durable and dependable air compressors that can operate in hot environments. These compressors facilitate crucial compression processes, effectively maintaining or raising gas flow to ensure pipelines function seamlessly. 

How to Choose the Right Oil and Gas Compressor

Account for the following factors to determine the kind of oil and gas compressor most suited to your application:

  • Consider your application: Every application has unique pneumatic requirements. Compose a list of your application's needs to ensure you buy an air compressor that meets those requirements.

  • Determine the PSI and CFM: Pounds per square inch (PSI) measures how much air pressure your compressor delivers per square inch, while cubic feet per minute (CFM) measures how many cubic feet of air move each minute. Ensure your compressor matches the PSI and CFM necessary for your application.

  • Check your power source: Which power sources are available on-site? Air compressors usually run on gasoline engines or electric motors, so ensure you can accommodate your machine's power source.

  • Ensure durability: An air compressor for the oil and gas industry will often perform crucial heavy-duty tasks in harsh environments. With this in mind, you'll want to opt for oil and gas production compressors that can stand up to extreme working conditions.

Choose ABAC for Oil and Gas Production Compressors

ABAC has been producing the most reliable compressors for over 40 years, and with our extensive collection of machinery, we can offer oil and gas compressors for an array of applications. Our engineers also enjoy the challenge of creating custom compressor solutions to meet the needs of demanding applications. For more information about our compressors and bespoke solutions, contact our knowledgeable customer care staff online.

Suitable Products for Oil and Gas


Piston compressors

ABAC piston compressors are the perfect solution for oil and gas processes. Whether you need a portable model for on-the-go use or a large and powerful unit for heavy-duty work, our piston compressors are designed to meet your exact needs.

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Screw Compressors

Discover a wide range of high-quality screw compressors at Abac Air Compressors. Find the perfect solution for your industrial air compression needs.
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