Extensive Use

Ideal range for diverse professional tasks such as air and water spraying, impact wrenching, screwing, and much more.

Reliable Performance

Aluminum Core

The aluminum head and aftercooler provide reliable performance by ensuring efficient heat dissipation and moisture removal.

Guarded Reliability

safety first

The fully enclosed belt guard and ASME tank & safety valves are essential safety features that provide critical protection in air compressor systems.

Cooling Mastery

Airflow Boost

The oversized flywheel enhances compressor longevity and performance by boosting pump airflow and cooling efficiency.

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Technical Table

Model Part number Gallon HP Power Supply (V/Ph) Max Pressure CFM2
AB5-2160V4 8090304521 60V 5 230/1 175 14.6
AB5-2160V4 2021119135 60V 5 230/1 175 14.6
AB5-2180V4 8090304539 80V 5 230/1 175 14.6
AB5-2180V4FF 8090304547 80V 5 230/1 175 14.6
AB5-2180V4NS 8090304554 80V 5 230/1 175 14.6
AB5-2380V4NS 8090304562 80V 5 230/3 175 15.2
AB5-2380V4NSFF 8090304570 80V 5 230/3 175 15.2
AB5-4380V4NS 8090304588 80V 5 460/3 175 15.2
AB5-4380V4NSFF 8090304596 80V 5 460/3 175 15.2
AB5-5380V4NS 8090304604 80V 5 575/3 175 15.2
AB5-5380V4NSFF 8090304612 80V 5 575/3 175 15.2
ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure.pdf
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