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Discover rotary screw compressors for continuous, workplace and industrial applications. Increased performance, reduced energy consumption and legendary reliability.

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Rotary screw air compressor range

If your application requires constant compressed air supply, you should consider a rotary screw air compressor. They can be used for any operations that require up to a 100% continuous duty cycle and are built for long lifetime of reliable operation.  We continue to innovate our compressed air solutions to meet the demands of all areas of industry. The latest generation of rotary screw technology delivers enormous benefits with both noise and air quality vastly improved, especially for smaller working environments. The ABAC rotary screw compressor is an ideal solution for automotive and industrial applications where there is continuous demand for dependable compressed air.

Screw compressor


Maximize efficiency with the AS-3D portable rotary screw compressor, featuring advanced air-end technology, sustainable design for lower energy costs, and a reliable, easy-to-maintain direct drive system.
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Screw compressor

AS-B 5-20 HP

Experience the all-in-one AS-B 5-20 HP rotary screw compressor with its eco-friendly design, energy-efficient motor, longevity, and advanced air-end for limited air loss, vibrations and noise.

Screw compressor

AS-B 20S-30 HP

The AS-B 20S-30 HP rotary screw compressor is your all-in-one solution for automotive and industrial needs, offering an eco-friendly design, energy-saving motor, and advanced air-end for efficient, quiet operation.
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ABAC Rotary Screw Brochure

ABAC Rotary Screw Brochure

ABAC Rotary Screw Brochure

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