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Reliability in the Toughest Conditions: The Ironman Series

Tailored for professionals, the Ironman Series with fully cast iron pump construction delivers exceptional compressed air solutions perfect for any industry.

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Cast Iron Made

multiple solutions

Wide Range

Ironman Cast Iron Piston Compressor


The Ironman Simplex is designed for industry professionals, offering reliable, high-performance compressed air with its robust cast iron pump.


The Ironman Duplex range, designed for professionals, offers exceptional compressed air solutions with a dual pump and motor for any industrial challenge.
ABAC stationary piston, horizontal C1 Pump


Combining strength, durability, and efficiency, the Ironman Engine air compressor provides unplugged solutions and superior performance for every day use.
AB-N39 13 HOND GAS Front

Heavy-Duty Performance: Ironman Cast Iron Air Compressor System

The Ironman Series is designed for professionals, offering robust compressed air solutions ideal for various industries. It features a full cast iron pump construction, ensuring durability and reliable performance under the most challenging conditions. It is well-suited for heavy-duty applications, ranging from wood and metal workshops to auto body and repair shops.

The “FF” or Full Feature units of the Ironman Series include additional benefits such as an Automatic Tank Drain, Low Oil Level Automatic Shut Off, and a Belt Guard Aftercooler, enhancing the functionality and safety of the equipment.

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure.pdf
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