Extensive Use

Suitable for heavy duty applications where the benefit of mobility is needed. Perfect for remote locations and where electrical power is not available.



The technology of cast iron ensures outstanding durability and performance, even in the most demanding work environments.

smooth operations

Safety Simplified

Innovative design for easy maintenance and safety in air compressors, with EZ pull tank drain and fully enclosed belt guard.

Boundless Operation

Flex Power

Get freedom and versatily to work independently in any location, without the need for a fixed power source and valuable for any remote applications.

Products suitable for

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Technical Table

Model Part Number Gallon HP Power Supply
Two-Stage Hybrid Pro Gas*
AB13-30GH 8090304620 30H 13 13 HP Honda 22 175 378 45X19X45
Two-Stage Ironman Gas
ABC11-30GH 2020041754 30H 11 11 HP Honda 23 175 509 20X44X42
ABC13-30GH 2020041755 30H 13 13 HP Honda 25 175 519 20X44X42
ABC14-30GK 2020041756 30H 14 14 HP Kohler 25 175 526 21X46X44
ABC16-30GV 2020041792 30H 16 16 HP Vanguard 32 175 605 21X46X44


*Denotes a gas drive air compressor with the T39 hybrid aluminum and cast iron pump. The cast iron (Ironman) pump is the premium alternative.

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure

ABAC Stationary Piston Brochure.pdf
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