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Optimise your ABAC compressor with our video tutorials. Learn expert startup procedures and essential maintenance processes. Elevate performance effortlessly. 

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Follow our video guides to setup your compressor and perform maintenance tasks. Easy steps explained in our video guides will allow you to extend the life of the product and keep its performance always satysfying. How to carry out a specific operation? How to assembly that piece? Where to find the nearest air compressor service centre?

Belt Driven Compressors


How to set up an ABAC belt-driven air compressor. Warning: unbox the compressor and make sure it is in perfect condition, checking if it was damaged during the transport. Carry out the operations as showed.


The compressor is fully automatic and is controlled by the pressure switch, which stops it when tank pressure reaches maximum value and restarts it when it falls below a minimum value. Warning: Check that the mains power matches that indicated on the electrical data-plate.

Vessel draining

The compressor generates condensate water which accumulates in the tank. The condensate in the tank must be drained at least once a week, by opening the drain tap under the tank. Warning: Take care if there is compressed air inside the cylinder, and water could flow out with considerable force. Condensate of oil lubricated compressors must not be drained into the sewer or dispersed in the environment as it contains oil. Dispose of it accordingly.

Oil change

The compressor is filled with original oil. We recommend a full change of oil in the pumping element within the first 100 hours of duty. Warning: do not drain used oil into the sewer or dispose of it in the environment.

Air filter cleaning

Every 50 hours of duty we advise you to dismantle the suction filter and clean the filtering element by blowing compressed air on it (fig. 24). You are recommended to replace the filter element at least once if the compressor operates in a clean environment, but more frequently if in a dusty environment.

Belt tensioning and replacement

How to correctly check or change the transmission belt of ABAC lubrified belt driven air compressor. Note: check the tension of the transmission belt. If it bends more than 1cm replace it with a new one.

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