Construction Air Compressors

Construction air compressors power pneumatic construction tools and equipment. Find the right compressor for your construction projects. Learn more!

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Construction Air Compressors

Constructing Power: The Essential Role of Air Compressors in Building Projects

Construction application

Construction processes require powerful equipment and tools, often fueled by construction air compressors. Building sites often do not have the electricity to power an array of tools, but an air compressor streamlines remote construction work by supplying tools with the necessary power

ABAC manufactures and retails a range of construction air compressors that we've specifically designed for contractors. Our rotary screw series offers lightweight, versatile compressors with portable designs.

Applications of Air Compressors for Construction

Construction air compressors are extremely useful, as the construction industry relies heavily on these machines to power crucial tools and equipment that lift heavy construction materials and help complete installation projects. 

Pneumatic Tools

Air compressors used in construction fuel numerous pneumatic tools, like:

  • Impact wrenches: Rather than laboriously loosening and tightening nuts and bolts manually, utilize an air-powered impact wrench to speed up the process.
  • Air Sanders: Smooth out surfaces with an angle, belt, orbital, pistol or other pneumatic sander.
  • Jackhammers: Powerful pneumatic jackhammers demolish old pavement and concrete to prepare a site for new concrete construction.
  • Air Grinders: Air compressors for construction allow angle, straight, vertical and other grinders to achieve high-speed rotation to grind abrasive materials effectively.
  • Air Drills: Similar to air-powered jackhammers, drills dig deep into the ground and can loosen old concrete construction.
  • Nail guns: These guns efficiently drive nails into different materials, streamlining installation projects like siding and roofing. 

Air-Powered Lifting Equipment

The industry commonly relies on construction air compressors to fuel pneumatic material handling and hoisting equipment such as air-powered hoist lifts. These machines are crucial for lifting and lowering materials at a construction site. They are ideal for remote job sites with no available electricity since they utilize compressed air to hoist objects. 

Choosing the Right Air Compressor for Your Construction Site

Before purchasing an air compressor for your construction site, consider the following factors:

  • Work environment: If you're working on remote sites, you'll need a compact compressor that easily shuttles to and from your location. Also, consider what power sources your compressor will have access to. Most compressors run on electric motors or gasoline engines. You might want to opt for a gasoline compressor if electricity is unavailable on your construction sites. 
  • Pneumatic tools: Take inventory of all the equipment you need your air compressor to power. Each tool has a cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating. Combine the CFM ratings of your tools to find out how many CFM you need your construction air compressor to produce. 
  • Workflow: Are you using your tools throughout the day or just for a few minutes here and there? If you're using your tools sporadically, you'll only need a compressor with an air receiver tank. In contrast, applications that use pneumatic tools throughout the day need a compressor with a 100% duty cycle.

Choose ABAC for Construction Air Compressors

ABAC has been an industry-leading air compressor manufacturer for over 40 years. Our knowledge of application-driven compressor engineering allows us to offer compressors perfect for your construction applications. To find out more about our air compressors for construction sites, contact our online team today

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