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Rotary Screw Compressors

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    When business demands superior compressor air performance, ABAC's Rotary Screw is an ideal solution. Ranging from automotive and industrial applications, where there is continuous demand for dependable compressed air, ABAC is the perfect choice. Our Rotary Screw range consists of our AS 3D, AS 5-20, and AS 20S-30 models.

Key Features: 

  • New Integrated Block Technology
  • User friendly application
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Market-leading power and technology 
  • Simple, quick and easy maintenance 
screw compressor, abac as 3D, angled

AS- 3D

    The combination of the latest screw air-end and high efficency motor allows for superior performance, efficiency, and reliability. The compact and portable model allows for a low-profile design without compromising power or performance. In addition, an environmentally sustainable design allows for reduced energy costs and decreased CO2 emissions. Committed to meeting our customers’ needs, the AS 3D is available in many different variations including, a range of tank sizes and the option between wheels or no wheels. 

  • Fully integrated aluminum block with direct drive transmission
  • Quick, easy, and cost-effective maintenance
  • Maximum pressure up to 130 PSI
  • User friendly with no expertise required
ABAC screw 5-20, no tank

AS 5-20

Our innovative 3-in-1 compressed air system includes the compressor, reciever, and dryer. With key features including a fully integrated aluminum block, superior vertiucal oil seperation, and a reliable, energy efficent motor, ABAC will fulfill your most demanding needs. Available in variety of configurations including tank mounted and tank mounted with drying unit allows for unique and taliored applications for your specfic need. 

  • High performance while producing low CO2 emissions
  • Innovative eco-friendly vertical oil seperation
  • •Complex structural design with minimum parts and internal casted channels
  • Digital Controller for easy operations


AS 20 Rotary Screw- angled

AS 20S-30

    Delivering the total ocmpressed air solution, AS 20S-30 contains the compressor, reciever, and dryer all in one. An intutive controller allows for users to operate compressors at just a glance, providing running and loaded hours, service and failure warnings, remote start & stop, etc.

  • High performance with low CO2 emissions 
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Innovative eco-friendly vertical oil seperation

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