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Air Treatment Solutions From ABAC Will Protect Your Compressed Air Investment.

    Compressed air treatment is a critical process that provides the constant delivery of CLEAN AND DRY compressed air. This is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of downstream equipment and ensures that the quality of air is always safe for the environment. Dehumidify and clean your compressed air with ABAC filters and dryers. The temperature of the air is regulated so that the dew point of the air is lowered to avoid condensation. All hazardous particles, including atomized oil, are removed from the system, as these can cause damage to compressed air tools and leaks in pipework if not filtered out. Whatever your application, ABAC can be your partner for quality air.


ABAC Air Filters full line

Pure Air Means Pure Protection.

Filters are a critical component of compressed air treatment. By removing water, oil, impurities and particulates, your system will run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Filtration also prolongs the life of the compressor, pipework and downstream air tools by minimizing the risk of corrosion and leaks, while maintaining optimum performance. ABAC’s range of high efficiency filters remove particulates down to 0.01µm without any significant pressure drop, ensuring unmatched air quality, whatever your application.


COOL Dryers- set of 2 angled

Removing Moisture Removes Risk.

During the compression process, the compressor turns humidity in the intake air into condensate. ABAC’s COOL range of refrigerant and desiccant dryers are designed to remove water from any compressed air system and pipework, even at high flow rates, minimizing the risks of corrosion and equipment breakdown. It is crucial that process air is consistent in all applications, all year round. By ensuring an ABAC COOL dryer is correctly matched to your system, you can have peace of mind with low servicing costs, without compromising air quality.

Special Applications

Compressed Air Treatment for Every Environment.

  • Specialist Paint Spraying 
  • Laboratory 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Food Production