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Air Compressors For Professionals

  ABAC offers an extensive product range that is perfect for boosting your business’ productivity and efficiency. Ranging from Piston Compressors to Rotary Screw, portable or stationary, oil-free or oil-injected, ABAC has developed a wide and complex air compressor portfolio in hopes or supporting your daily work to profitable and ambitious growth.

Whatever the environment- body shop, garage, or workshop- your compressed air should be reliable and durable no matter how tough the job is. Professional standards are clear, no matter the size of the tank or the pressure measurement, when working with compressed air you must be able to trust and rely upon an installation system to be able to maintain pristine clean-air quality. Be sustainable, be efficient! 

Research & Development

At ABAC, research and development means being constantly focused on delivering the highest quality and durability of our products. Our years of experience in the compressed air industry accompanied by our willingness to recognize customers’ needs has granted us the opportunity to develop products with end-users in mind. In this sense, all departments equally strive to succeed in customer satisfaction, improvement and optimization of processes.