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The Quality Air Avantage

     Air Compressor can take in impurities during the compression process. Allowing such impurities to enter your air compressor can lead to corrosion and poor air quality. To reduce this negative impact, ABAC has developed an extensive product range geared towards ensuring premium air quality. ABAC’s Quality Air offers a range of products including air filtration devices and refrigerated coolers. By  implementing safeguards such as this, it ensures greater productivity and efficiency and will assist in the lengthening the lifespan of your equipment.  


ABAC’s long-lasting experience


Fight against corrosion and poor air quality


User-friendly operations


Provides a comfortable working environment

Superior Dryer Performance

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The COOL range is well suited to most applications even in harsh operating environments. Offering a pressure dewpoint of +41°F thanks to compact internal technologies, it effortlessly balances low cost with high performance. With a more balanced dewpoint, the COOL range is the perfect partner to your end application.