Quality Air Applications

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    When clean air become essential, ABAC’s compressors, air filters, and dryers are able to grant pure, bacteria-free air solutions. In cases of sterilized operating rooms or medical laboratories, reliable compressed air solutions are vital to powering various tools and equipment.

    Quietness, reliability and high performance are key features of our Quality Air Series. With our antioxidant inner coated tanks, we guarantee a longer life cycle for your compressors and equipment. 

Where is Pure Air Needed?

    In compliance with legal medical standards, there are some technical features and specific properties an air compressor must possess. These elements include features such as minimum noise and high air purity. 


Importance of Quality Air Solutions

Before professionals are choosing between Quality Air solutions, it is important to understand that air for medical and food production must be hygienic and pure. It is essential to clean air from all oil particles, moisture, and impurities before participating in any food-line manufacturing or medical procedures. The impurity removal process is made easy thanks to ABAC’s Quality Air solutions. Specific filters and dryers work to work simultaneously with your pneumatic tools. 

    To further protect your air supply, consider investing in a Refrigeration Dryer. Humidity and moisture is a breading ground for unwanted bacteria and pollution. ABAC’s refrigeration dryer line, COOL, works to remove condensation and vapors allowing for pure, clean air. A refrigeration dryer is a simple, low maintenance, cost effective solution to producing clean, purified air. Our COOL range of refrigeration dryers works to keep your compressor in optimal shape.   

    In summary, the quality of compressed air is extremely important when dealing with sterilized and sanitized areas. Consider implementing the following practices to ensure the purist air solutions...

  • Reduce condensation and humidity by employing the use of an ABAC COOL Refrigeration Dryer
  • Increase the quality of air by considering one of ABAC’s air filters specifically designed for your intended application 

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