DIY/Contractor Series Applications

An air compressor is a versatile and multi-use tool that allows for the completion of various projects in a more time efficient manner. It is easy to understand why these machines are at the forefront of assisting professionals in their everyday operations. 

We have compiled the most useful applications in this post to go over how crucial compressed air really is. We will go over cleaning, painting, repairing, performing maintenance, and hobby crafting actions and how to carry out several operations with your air compressor. 

Smart Repairs & Easy Maintenance with At-Home Air Compressors

If you are in love with small DIY repairs and maintenance tasks, you’ll be well aware the applications of compressed air are almost endless. However, one can always learn something new, this is why it’s worth going back through the main operations an air compressor will help you with when repairing and fixing objects at home. 

A Simple Fix

Often, it is not a matter of a single problem that can be fixed with compressed air… think bigger! Equip you garage will a full compressed air working station. Implementing this can lead you to complete complex task management like fixing an auto part or refurbishing furniture. Many at-home mechanical jobs rely on pneumatic tools such as angle and axial grinders, car body saw, blasting devices and grease guns. Are you considering starting a home renovation? Not a problem with ABAC Air Compressors! You can remove old tiles, plaster, replace baseboards or door frames. The application options are endless with compressed air!

Completing Hobbies with Compressed Air

Have you ever tried your hand at crafting? Woodworking and modeling are a matter of versatility and precision: the more knowledge in treating material you have the better you are in choosing tools and shaping your art crafts. Compressed air technologies are the perfect solutions for each of us is in the need of energy, powering crucial tools like precision painting gun or drills. That said crafting doesn’t happen only in your garage or studio, one of the main places to begin is the garden! Compressors are those machines you should be thinking of when ambitious projects arise: from greenhouse ventilation system to automated gates, from spraying vegetables to even snowmaking for your kid’s birthday.

Choosing An Air Compressor For Cleaning

    Can I use an air compressor for cleaning? Absolutely! However, it is important to understand that the air compressor market is wide and offers a variety of options for any specific need you might have. By carefully choosing the machine, and tool, you will be able to perform you task without the risk of damages. The following chart goes over compressed air consumptions levels based on the most common activities.

Deciding On The Best Compressor For Yourself

Our air compressors come with a lot of configurations and sizes; wall-mounted, wheels, feet, handles. The potential interest depends on your needs. Generally speaking, if you are need a high-pressure, large amount of compressed air, a bigger compressor will be needed. On the other hand, average air demands for home and DIY applications can be met with compressors that are easy to transport and operate. In conclusion, once you’ve decided what the main use of the air compressor will be, it won’t be a problem choosing among our extensive product range. 

Quick Tips: How to Select the Right Air At-Home Compressor based on Air Displacements Needs

Drill 10 mm 500
Angle Grinder 5" 900
Impact Wrench 1/2" 450
Chipping hammer 400
Varnishing Machine 500
Pressure Cleaner 350
Paint Gun 300
Small Pressure Cleaner 300
Light Work 50
Pneumatic Doors 60
Blow Gun 90
Nail Gun 2 bar 60
Nail Gun 3,5 bar 120
Grease Gun 120
Tire Changer 30
Tire Inflation (car) 60
Hammer (small) 90

Another rule of thumb: figure out the tools you need, the type of air compressor will follow. This will not completely limit you to that specific tool but it will significantly narrow down your options. Also keep in mind for some specific applications, oil-free air compressors may be the best choice.

The wider the surface the more air displacement that is required, think about your roof, yard or shed clean up for instance. Moreover, have you mowed the lawn? Well, with a portable air compressor you can quickly remove the excess weed and clean the shears as well.

Quick Tips: What is a Good Size for an At-Home Air Compressor?

twin force diy unit

    Although the size of air compressors varies greatly, let’s consider which are the best choice for at home use. Firstly, keep in mind that the average amount of electricity granted for domestic use is 3-3.5 kW and with a horsepower no more than 3 hp. This would limit you to a single-phase compressor, unlike our other phases that are primarily used in industrial applications. Secondly, the air displacement provided by the machine should not be lower than 90. Also, it is important to note that compressors come both with and without a tank, depending on the amount of air needed for your projects. If the application included an extended release of air like long painting operations, consider a tank-based solution. On the other hand, if intending to use for intermittently, like cleaning, consider a tankless compressor. 

Quick Tip: Choosing the Right Pneumatic Tool

Point of optimal between air consumption and air displacement for tool application

Final Thoughts

Throughout this article, we have reviewed the main at-home applications and uses for compressed air and how beneficial having a compressor would be when completing tough, complex tasks. With a simple machine, you will be able to perform tasks in you garage, studio, or backyard. The primary compressed air applications are as follows: 

  • Cleaning
  • Painting
  • DIY Projects and Crafts
  • Simple Home Renovation or Repairs

As previously mentioned, it is extremely important to choose the right kind of compressor for you intended projects. Ask yourself the following questions before purchasing:

  • What kind of projects do I intend to complete?
  • How much avaliable space do I have for a compressor?
  • What kind of accessory tools would benefit me the most? 

The Do-It-Yourself movement has revolutionized the way we go about repairing and refurbishing things around our homes. An air compressor can be a man’s best friend when it comes to quick home repairs, renovations, or improvements. Compressed air cannot substitute one’s passions in doing what they love but it can lead to a successful and less stressful experience.