ABAC SPINN 15-22kw

Spinn Air Compressors 15X-22kW

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Responding to the needs of all industries, ABAC continues to innovate its range of compressed air solutions. With a particular focus on energy efficiency, whilst always improving performance and reliability, our latest generation of rotary screw compressors delivers a reduced total cost of ownership.

Superior performance

Higher performance and lower energy consumption is a win-win for customers. Our latest generation airend technology generates increased Free Air Delivery (FAD) more efficiently thanks to our innovative compression technology.


Higher duty cycle

Delivering compressed air on demand, all day, every day, our rotary screw compressors can be used continuously, whilst piston compressors require time to cool down.



Easy installation

ABAC’s SPINN rotary screw compressors can be located close to the point of use (POU), which improves operator comfort and also reduces piping.



ABAC Spinn range: making the difference everyday!


Base Mounted Version

  • 3-in-1 compressed air system 
  • Base mounted – Tank mounted – Tank mounted + Dryer 
  • Innovative eco-friendly vertical oil separation 
  • High performance and low CO2 emissions 
  • Space-saving installation 
  • Low noise and vibration 
  • Robust and reliable 
  • Simple maintenance

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