ABAC ATH Industrial Piston Compressor - High Pressure, 100% Duty Cycle

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ATH compressors are perfect for more demanding applications where continuous high pressure air is essential.


Rest assured with the ATH, you can trust your compressor will delivering premium operation.


Extra long life with oil lubricated aluminium pistons.


Work harder with limited downtime. Deliver high pressure air continiously.

ATH Industrial high pressure pistons are designed to handle the most demanding applications, providing optimum performance.

With up to 20hp power capacity, a maximum pressure of 30 bar, and oil lubricated aluminium pistons that keep these compressors running for an extra long life and extended 100% duty cycle.

You can trust ABAC Tech ATH industrial high pressure piston air compressors when high power is necessary.

Rest assured, experience premium operation and quality in the most challenging work environment with ATH Industrial high pressure piston compressors.

ABAC Tech ATH high pressure applications

High pressure industrial air compressors are the backbone of many processes like laser cutting, plastic blow molding, injection molding, metallurgy steel forming, and even pipeline stress testing.

These piston compressor high pressure compressors have been engineered to effectively manage high output demands with their 100% duty cycle capabilities.

With these dependable high-pressure and high-output machines in place, the entire process of transforming raw materials into commercial products can run smoothly and efficiently.