Industrial Applications

It goes without saying that industrial context includes several segments of application areas. The most common ones entail the manufacturing of individual parts as well as the creation of complete products. Installation flexibility and versatility is what makes compressed air one fundamental asset of industries. Discover more about implication of air compressors in product manufacturing. 

Do you have the right electric system?

When it comes to compressed air in industrial facilities, one of the first things to take care of is your power supply needs. If you are working in an environment which requires a high amount of current you probably have a three-phase plant (400 V), on the contrary, if you have a small business it’s possible you are relying on a mono-phase system (230 V). Either way, it is important to check because of the different air compressor you will chose based on this element. A mono-phase plant is able to power engines of 3HP (2,2 KW). A three-phase system can on the contrary supply air compressors with higher capacity if the amperage reaches certain levels.

The sound level of an air compressor must to be low!

If you have to choose the right air compressor for your industrial facility you should carefully evaluate the sound level that originates from compressed air generator. This aspect becomes even more important when you don’t have space enough to dedicate to an ad hoc room for your airflow system. What are we talking about specifically?

· The sound power level is equal to the quantity of energy released by a sound source in a defined unit of time.

· The sound pressure measures the effect of a sound source energy (or a group of it) and it depends on the distance from the source(s), over than sound features of the environment.

When choosing a new air compressor, you should think about the acceptability of the sound level for your workplace. This tab helps you in detecting which activity is referred to a certain amount of. If you are in the need of choosing the most adapt air compressor please contact an expert


Type of sound

140 dBA

Flight deck while take-off or landing

120 dBA

Whistle from 1 m distance

Pain threshold, over this level the risk of ears damages is real

115 dBA

Take-off of an airplane from 10 m

110 dBA

Music sound level in a disco event

105 dBA

Chainsaw from 1 m distance

100 dBA

Pneumatic drill from 10 m distance

95 dBA

Desperate cry

90 dBA

Motorcyle from 6 m distance

85 dBA

Chainsaw from 2 m distance

80 dBA

Heavy traffic in highway from 25 m

70 dBA

Hairdryer from 1 m distance

65 dBA

Normal speech

60 dBA

Lawm mower

55 dBA

Television from 1 m distance

50 dBA

Fridge from 1 m distance

45 dBA

Light buzz

35 dBA

Silent fan

25 dBA

Breathe from 1 m distance

5 examples of compressed air technology application in industry

1. Facilities specialised in hydraulic pump combinations. Any crane truck benefits from hydraulic pumps separated from engine.

2. High-frequency welding sessions can be done thanks to compressed air customised systems.

3. Compressed air is perfect when power has to be generated for maintenance tasks; stationary or mobile compressor act as powerful generators.

4.  When minimising the risk of unexpected shutdown of industrial vehicles,  air compressors are a suitable solution. Batteries can be boosted and preserve the business.

5.  In the manufacturing industry, air compressors are generally used to do clamping, tool powering, stamping, cleaning.