ABAC ATF Industrial Piston Compressor - Oil Free, 100% Duty Cycle

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ATF compressors deliver clean air, which is free of any contamination thereby avoiding damage to downstream equipment.


Peace of mind knowing your work area is contaminant free.


Save time and money.


Reduce risk and cost of damage on downstream equipment.

Air compressors are a vital part of many different manufacturing and industrial processes.  With oil-free air compressors from ATF, companies can rest assured they will be receiving a compressor with a 100% duty cycle that can deliver clean air free of contamination, ultimately avoiding damage to downstream equipment.

Featuring single stage up to 10 bar power and oil free technology, these proven designs have been refined with nickel plated aluminium cylinders and pistons coated with Teflon for the lowest friction possible. 

ABAC Tech ATF oil free applications

Using oil free continuous duty cycle compressors ensures that the production processes that are conducted in painting, printing & packaging, laboratories & hospitals, food production & processing and precision equipment are safe, with no risk of contamination.

The oil free piston compressor technology provides an uninterrupted stream of 100% duty cycle clean air to the operations which eliminates any chance of damage caused by oil contamination or downtime.

ATF compressors protect each application from risks because they provide a pure and clean air source for the operation to run each and every day safely.

Enjoy worry-free production when you choose oil free compressed air from ATF.