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ABAC Tech S1 Compressors

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ABAC Tech S1 industrial air compressors provide productivity and efficiency. Designed for continuous duty cycle applications by combining reliability, performance and ease of use.

The S1 range features portable and stationary industrial compressors. Including oil free, low and high-pressure models, that offer high performance and longevity.

Looking to keep your machinery running smoothly? ABAC Tech S1 compressors, are a must-have addition, to any work site or industrial facility where uptime is essential.

ABAC Tech S1 compressor benefits

Graph demonstrating the productivity and efficiency of the S1 compressor range compared to S3 compressors.

No compromises in productivity and efficiency

No compromises. That's right, no compromises when it comes to productivity and efficiency with the ABAC Tech S1 piston air compressors.


These compressors are widely regarded as some of the most reliable tools on the market for providing excellent quality compressed air.

Graphic demonstrating the optimal service schedule of the S1 compressor range compared to S3 compressors.

Optimal maintenance schedule

With service intervals set at an average of 3-5 thousand hours, ABAC Tech S1 compressors stand out from other compressors.


The optimal maintenance schedule, is incredibly convenient compared to similar piston technologies. For example S3 piston compressors, require more frequent service at around 500 hours.


Whether you opt for ABAC Tech piston compressor, or an alternative model. The S1 range ensures a long-term solution, that requires less maintenance and streamlines operation costs.

Graphic demonstrating the maintenance of S1 compressor range is average compared to S3 compressors and oil injected screw compressors.

Maintenance complexity

ABAC Tech S1 offers a maintenance complexity that falls somewhere between S3 compressors and oil injected screw compressors. S3 piston models require simple service and maintenance regimes. While screw compressors require more upkeep. The S1 allows you to maintain your compressor with regular servicing, without the worry of needing complicated repairs.

Graphic demonstrating the benefits of a ABAC Tech S1 compressor with a lower total cost of ownership

Lower total cost of ownership

Decrease costs and streamline operations. S1 air compressor provides a cost-efficient yet effective solution for business.


With its lower cost of ownership and long life duration, your business can on maximise the investment.

Save  on your compressed are production, with less frequent service calls and reduction in your energy costs.


The ABAC Tech models ensure higher productivity with its limited downtime and low maintenance requirement. Making these machine even more cost benefits to the your business.

ABAC Tech S1 compressor applications

Many assume the closer you get to a 100% duty cycle, the better. However, in many cases, particularly in manufacturing, 0 % downtime is the goal. This will lead to higher efficiency and higher incomes. For Pro Users, this has also now become relevant, with an increased focus on 0% downtime.

Usually, for tools we don’t consider generating compressed air for more than a few minutes at a time. For this, an intermittent air compressor is sufficient.

Remember it is important to consider the size of the tools, the application you are performing and the environment. Today many mobile applications will need a higher performing and advanced machine too.

Whether it's for powering tools, air-driven equipment, or process control. ABAC Tech S1 piston air compressors deliver clean and compressed air with the highest level of efficiency. With the lowest running cost in its class.

It will be difficult to find a piston compressor that can match the quality of the ABAC Tech S1 compressor range.


ABAC Tech S1 100% duty cycle compressor applications

The Pro User range of 100% duty cycle compressors. The ultimate solution for Pro Users who need superior power and performance.

This extensive range is designed to meet the specialised needs of custom applications. Including construction, plumbers, maintainers restorers, joiners, tyre shops, body shops, dairies and cellars.

The ABAC Tech S1 ATF-S range is adaptable to any type of application, so you can count on superior performance every time.

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning - authentic shooting in challenging conditions.

The ABAC Tech S1 industrial range of 100% duty cycle piston compressors. Designed to cater to your needs for industrial applications.

This range is perfect for metal, woodworking, plastics, textile and paper industries. Providing superior power and performance for a wide range of applications.

With its 100% duty cycle, you can count on superior performance with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

If you are looking for superior performance with minimal downtime, the ABAC Tech S1 range, is the perfect choice.

This range is designed to meet the specialised needs of Pro Users and industrial applications. Providing superior power and performance with minimal downtime.

With the ABAC Tech S1 piston compressor, you can count on superior performance every time.