ABAC ATL Industrial Piston Compressors - Low Pressure, 100% duty cycle compressors

ATL compressors are perfect solution for small industries looking for a low-pressure, oil lubricated compressor.

100% Duty Cycle

On demand operation. Reduce energy consumption. Save money.

Single Stage

Easy installation.

up 10hp Oil-Lubricated 10Bar

High performance.

The ATL oil-lubricated piston compressor range from ABAC Tech has been designed specifically to support small industrial applications requiring powerful, reliable air.

The single-stage, two-cylinder reciprocating compressor delivers a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (145 psi), making it the perfect unit for tough environments, including vehicle repair and tyre inflation workshops, car washes and businesses using pneumatic tools.

ATL industrial oil lubricated compressors are exceptionally reliable with the lowest operating temperatures in the industry. Built with durable and high-quality materials, they ensure top quality performance, reliability and a long service life. Designed to suit applications that require compressed air intermittently, rather than continuously, the ATL offers the best duty cycle, operating on demand, saving you energy and money.

ATL low pressure industrial piston compressors offer the perfect solution for small industries, automotive workshops and vehicles service industry looking for a low-pressure, oil lubricated compressor.

They are designed for easy installation and low maintenance, allowing smooth operation to meet your daily industrial needs. Built with a 100% duty cycle, these robust single stage piston compressors provide greater control of compressed air while minimising energy consumption; ideal for pneumatics tools and equipment, car washes and tyre inflation alike.

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing system or planning bigger projects, ATL low pressure industrial piston compressors tick all the right boxes!