Decades of Experience for Optimal Performance

The ABAC Tech industrial range of piston air compressors is designed to give you the best performance possible. This specialist range of compressors is suitable for many industry sectors and offers 100% continuous operation with a robust design to withstand any extreme conditions. With its low operating costs, simple maintenance and energy savings, the ABAC Tech range is your go-to choice for industrial air compressors.

Continuous operation

100% duty cycle for uninterrupted service.

Robust design

Designed to withstand extreme conditions and high working pressure.

Low operating costs

Simple maintenance thanks to easily accessible parts with long maintenance service intervals and service kits available.

Energy savings

Direct drive offers major energy savings compared to belt-driven compressors.


High quality materials for premium performance and long life. Fully reliable in all conditions thanks to its industrial motor, IP55 rating and 4 poles.

Quality Air

Aluminum V-type pump heats up fast to vaporize any condensate, extending the lifetime of your equipment.

ABAC Tech Industrial applications

Oil Free

pharmaceutical factory woman worker operating production line at pharmacy industry manufacture factory

For demanding industrial purposes, oil free continuous duty cycle compressors are the most reliable solution. Unlike conventional piston compressor technology, oil free compressors can offer a 100% duty cycle while allowing no oil contamination within the compressed air.

As a result, oil free compressors are suitable for precision equipment in painting, printing and packaging, laboratories & hospitals, and food production & processing. Additionally, their ability to deliver clean breathing air makes them a safe choice for personnel handling combustible gases or hazardous material.

Oil free continuous duty cycled compressors are essential for maintaining confident and safe operations.

Low pressure

The interior of the metalworking shop. Modern industrial enterprise

Small industries, automotive workshops, vehicles service industry, pneumatics tools and equipment, car washes and tyre inflation all benefit from low pressure compressors. These low-pressure compressors are oil lubricated and come with a 100% duty cycle in a single stage piston compressor construction.

This allows low-pressure machines to fulfill both low volume and high volume applications – providing the necessary power to sustain low-demand operations as well as large production needs.

All this offers users increased cost savings in addition to taking up less space as compared to alternative compressor technology. Furthermore, low-pressure compressors are durable, making it an ideal choice for long term use in these markets.

High Pressure

CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field. Warning - authentic shooting in challenging conditions.

The high pressure requirements of industries such as laser cutting, plastic blow molding, injection molding, metallurgy steel forming and even pipeline stress testing is only achievable with high pressure air compressors.

Industrial piston compressor high pressure air compressors are the workhorses of many processes, boasted as 100% duty cycle machines that can manage high output demands every day. Dependable high-pressure and high-output compressors make it possible for these kinds of industrial processes to run smoothly and efficiently.

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