Quality Air Applications

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When does air treatment become essential? Sterilised and sanitised rooms, medical laboratories and areas where air has to be clean, pure and bacteria-free are typical places where a high quality air compressor becomes essential.

Areas such as dental laboratories as well as sanitised food production lines rely on air compressors to power various tools.

Quietness, reliability and top performances are ABAC's trademarks. Based on the airflow needed, clean air compressors can operate several dental and medical units. The inner surface of these special compressors tanks is coated with antioxidant layers which guarantee a longer life cycle.

Fundamental features for air quality compressors

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Minimum noise levels and highest purity are the most important elements when working with food and beverage or medical industry. Regardless whether you are working in a brewery, food processing, packaging or dental clinic, you will require a reliable air compressor that will protect your products or those who are in your care.

Oil free air: dry air compressor or an oil injected one?

Before professionals choose a quality air solution, it is important to understand that air for dental or food and beverage uses has to be hygienic. Packaging for food line manufacturing or dental laboratories require sterile and dry air. To ensure sterility, compressed air needs to be cleared form oil particles and humidity with the help of air filters and dryers. Air dryers also play an important role in air cleaning process. Depending on your requirements you can use refrigeration dryers or adsorption dryers. Refrigeration dryers allow purification of the air by separating liquid elements thanks to a temperature modification process. Adsorption dryers offer the same results but by a more complex process.
Once growth of bacteria spread has been stopped thanks to an air dryer, the next step is to remove oil. Using an oil free air compressor becomes not a choice but essential if the requirement is for medical or dental purposes.

Bacteria-free compressed air is not only used for the health sector, but also can be used for milking, waste water treatment, food and beverage packaging and many more. Even a minimal oil contamination can lead to expensive product damages, product recalls and contamination.

In summary, air for health or food applications has to be:

·        Free of oil after a dry air compression process

·        Free of condensate thanks to a quality air drying system