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Agriculture and Garden Applications

Application agriculture tractor crop field

Compressed air solutions are used in nearly every aspect of agriculture operation and gardening.

ABAC air compressors and tools can be used in a vast array of applications. From food & beverage industry relying on conveyor, packaging and processing, dairy farms and milk parlours, livestock feeding, to farmers fertilising or watering their crops or orchards, ABAC offers a comprehensive set of air compressors and air tool solutions that can help you deliver your produce to the market.

Our products are used not only by professional farmers, but can also be utilised by professional gardeners, landscape specialists and in your own private gardens.

Complete air solutions for agriculture and farming professionals

ABAC compressed air products are used daily on farms, in orchards and in food and beverage processing plants across the UK & Ireland.

Our engine driven mobile air compressors have been designed with mobility in mind, giving you total flexibility where you need to deliver compressed air in a remote or hard to reach location.

Examples of applications of using air compressors and tools in farming and agriculture industry include:

  • Blasting & Sanding
  • Milking & Feeding
  • Spraying & Irrigating
  • Degreasing & Cleaning
  • Farming Vehicle & Tyre Maintenance
  • Nailing & Stapling


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Waist up portrait of mature worker operating cow milking machine at industrial dairy farm, copy space
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Air compressors for professional gardeners and private garden users

Application agriculture farmer crop field

With ABAC products you can cut branches, trim bushes & leaves, irrigate topsoil, clean your barbecue grill, restore and paint fences.

Compressed air in your garden is not only meant for green thumb specialists, professional gardeners and landscape artists but it is also suitable for keen hobbyists who can benefit from our range of engine driven mobile air compressors.