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Is your compressed air pure and clean?

Dust, various impurities, hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity are the main contamination agents enclosed in atmospheric air. Compression process escalates and steps up the concentration of such pollution in the air, representing a threat for your business. Compressed air circuits are filled with these contaminants and corrosion comes as the natural effect of such problems. Protect and maintain your downstream equipment thanks to ABAC air filters.

Pure Air. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Top performance products which offer high reliability
  • Service always at your disposal through our vast distribution network
  • Safeguard long-term productivity by using original parts
  • Support your operations, raise your business
  • High quality air for the most demanding needs

Customer benefits

Coalescing Filtration Grade C ABAC Filter
  • STRAIGHT FORWARD MAINTENANCE: Maintenance is painless and safe thanks to the external, manual & automatic drains supplied as standard.
  • RISK-FREE OPERATIONS: Safety is mandatory when structuring and checking your processes. Features like the single start thread, fixed thread engagement and stop-and-lock indication arrows prevent over-tightening and ensure effective sealing requirements.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Advanced filter design to optimize flow capabilities, significantly reducing differential pressure and thus increasing energy efficiency. The result is the lowest possible total cost of ownership.
Coalescing Filtration Grade G ABAC Filter
  • FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: The filters can easily be installed both in new or existing compressed air installations, available in 1/8” to 3” threaded BSP and NPT port sizes and flow rates from 10-2550 m3/h (6 - 1500 scfm.)
  • MODULAR FILTERS: Low-cost connecting kits, wall mounting brackets and a new filter head design enable easy connection of the filters and make your applications always fast and successful.
  • HIGH-STANDARD QUALITY: The housings and elements are manufactured using high quality components, tested and validated in accordance with ISO 12500-1 & ISO 8573-1 2010.
Coalescing Filtration Grade P ABAC Filter
  • ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGN: A unique, in-house design protects your air quality and ensures filtration process is led efficiently.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The corrosion resistant end caps are color-coded for easy filtration grade differentiation. Differential pressure indicators and gauges are available.

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