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ABAC is your experienced OEM Partner and provider of compressed air.

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ABAC: Your Trusted OEM Partner for Compressed Air Solutions

Providing customised compressed air solutions for OEM partners worldwide.

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Understanding OEM Needs

Original equipment manufacturers in various industries often face challenges when it comes to compressed air, as it may not be their primary area of expertise. Flow rates, pressure, and air quality are just a few of the challenges that OEMs may encounter.

Compressed air is a utility used to provide power to an operating cycle within product lines, making it important for equipment manufacturers to select a partner that not only supplies a cost-effective solution but also innovates and ensures all legislative and best practices are adopted. Only such a supplier is capable of providing a competitive advantage in their own field.

Strong Background

ABAC is a global leader in manufacturing and servicing air compressors and compressed air equipments. With our partners across the globe, we are situated to both supply and service our OEM customers - wherever they are and in whatever they do. Our focus is not merely to meet the needs of our OEM customers, but to exceed these needs and expectations.

How is ABAC Different?

ABAC sets itself apart from other OEM partners in the compressed air industry by offering a large portfolio of suitable products that match our clients’ requirements. Instead of making the customer fit our products, we tailor our product to suit the customer’s exacting needs. Small footprint, low noise operation, energy efficiency, and ease of service are the standard characteristics of ABAC compressed air solutions. With the engineering excellence provided by our vastly experienced custom design teams, we can meet specifications for the harshest environment and the most extreme running conditions.

Customer Benefits

ABAC offers numerous benefits to our customers, including full ownership of the design of the compressed air, optimal price and cost management, a single point of contact, supportive supplier management, better negotiation power, long-term relationships, ease of doing business, and national/global service capabilities. Choose ABAC as your trusted OEM partner for compressed air solutions.

OEMs Applications


Construction application


Manufacturing application


Agriculture application


Rail application


Automotive painting.

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning application


Carpentry application

pressure washing

Pressure washing application


Pharmaceutical application

Energy Exploration

Energy exploration application

surge vessel


CAD/CAM for Medical Segment

CAD CAM for medical segment


Sandblasting application

fire sprinkler

Fire sprinkler and red pipe

water treatment

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