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Oil and Lubricant for Piston Compressor

Protect your piston compressor with our range of high-quality oils and lubricants. Keep your equipment running at peak performance with ABAC lubricants.

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Oil and Lubricant for Piston Compressor

Keep Your Piston Compressor Running Smoothly with Our High-Quality Oils and Lubricants

Piston compressors can rely on ABAC products that maintain the air compressor's critical components robust throughout the whole lifetime. By properly using our high-quality oils you can lower and control maintenance costs as well as maximise compressor efficiency and reliability. Low performance or exhausted oils damage irreversibly your equipment and lead to high maintenance and repair costs, on the contrary. 

By using the ABAC official lubricants you will avoid:

  • All premature compression element failure (rotors or pistons) 
  • Worn-out of components, increased friction, cavitation 
  • Reduced cooling, overheating bearings, compression elements
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Wrong pH, damage to parts, seals, and internals 
  • Varnish layer on internal parts (coolers and pipings) 
  • Low performance, out-of-control energy consumption, higher cost deposits 
  • High, unpredictable maintenance costs 
  • Oil filter and separator clogging


Mineral oil for piston compressors working in harsh conditions.


High-Performance mineral oil for Professional Piston Compressors. Suitable for all ambient conditions.

Altair Pro

Mineral oil for DIY/hobby compressors.

ABAC catalogue 2024

ABAC catalogue 2024
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