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Optimal Air Compressor Solutions for Pneumatic Grape Press

Partner with ABAC to integrate advanced air compressors into your grape pneumatic press machine for wine making. 

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Optimal Air Compressor Solutions for Pneumatic Grape Press Manufacturers

Empowering Press Innovation with Reliable Compressed Air Technology

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Introduction to Compressor Solutions for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of pneumatic grape press machines, you understand the importance of integrating reliable and efficient components into your products. Our air compressors are designed to meet the specific needs of grape pressing, providing the continuous, clean air supply that is essential for modern winemaking.

Air Compressors for Diverse Press Models

Our range of compressor solutions is designed to cater to diverse press models, ensuring flexibility for open tank presses used by smaller wineries and experimental batches, while providing superior hygiene and automation for closed tank presses in larger-scale production. Additionally, our compressors offer the necessary capacity and reliability for horizontal presses, accommodating various grape varieties and production scales.

Innovations for Enhanced Wine Quality

In addition to standard compressed air, we provide options for inert gas injection, such as nitrogen, to minimise oxidation during pressing, especially crucial for white wine production. This feature is highly appreciated by the market and can be a unique selling point for your presses.

Adapting to the Harvesting Season 

Our compressors are built to withstand the rigors of the harvesting season, providing uninterrupted air supply during the critical 1-2 month window when grapes must be pressed immediately to avoid additional costs and quality degradation.

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S1 Compressors: The Heart of Your Press Machines

The S1 100% duty cycle compressors are the heart of our offering, ensuring that your pneumatic presses can run continuously during demanding operations. Their low noise levels and compact design make them ideal for seamless integration into your machines.

Oil-Free Range for the Purest Wine Quality 

Our oil-free range of compressors guarantees that there is no risk of oil contamination in the juice, ensuring that the presses you manufacture produce the highest quality wine.

Collaborate with ABAC for Market-Leading Presses 

We invite you to collaborate with us to enhance the quality and productivity of the pneumatic presses you manufacture. Our expertise in compressed air technology allows us to provide solutions that will set your products apart in the market. Contact us today to discuss how our compressors can elevate the winemaking process for your clients.

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