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Air Filters

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Pure Air Means Pure Protection

    Filters are a critical component of compressed air treatment. By removing water, oil, impurities and particulates, your system will run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Filtration also prolongs the life of the compressor, pipework and downstream air tools by minimizing the risk of corrosion and leaks, while maintaining optimum performance. ABAC’s range of high efficiency filters remove particulates down to 0.01µm without any significant pressure drop, ensuring unmatched air quality, whatever your application. 


Increased Production & Quality: Prevent Breakdowns Instead of Curing


Overall Higher Final Product Quality


Simple Design, Excellent Performance

Cost Effective

Decreased Maintenance Costs

Main Benefits

ABAC wall mounted double line filter
  • Purify the Air of Oil & Dust Contamination
  • Increased Production & Quality
  • Ensuring Greater Efficiency & Reliability
  • Less Wear & Tear on Distribution Network & Equipment
  • Simple Design, Excellent Performance
  • Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • Different Cartridges with Specific Filtration Qualities
  • Overall Higher Final Product Quality
filtration grades chart ABAC