The Oil-free Air Compressor

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Protecting the environment and your business has never been easier

The new ABAC ZERO series come from the legacy of the earlier, beloved ABAC A29 and A39 pumps. Appreciated for both their sturdiness and ease of use, these pumps have been a must in professionals compressed air for many years. Today, ABAC is proud to bring a breath of fresh air to its iconic, oil lubricated pumps. And in doing so, changing forever the whole field of professional air compressors.

ABAC ZERO: the first Abac OIL LESS belt driven air compressor

Clean Air

Protect your tools without oil residual


The need for condensate treatment is eliminated


Forget maintenance costs required by oil lubricated air compressors


Oil-free pump doesn’t require any oil changes

ABAC ZERO pumps deliver you clean, oil-free air. The innovative technology means no oil change and you will not be forced anymore to those lenghty cleaning sessions due to greasy condensate from the tank drain. On top of that, all damages caused by wrong or exhausted oil are avoided.

In one fell swoop remove maintenance costs and timely demanding cleaning jobs.

ABAC ZERO pump is the ultimate evolution within double-stage air compressors scenario. Thanks to the advanced materials and components employed in its design ABAC ZERO breaks your air free from any oil residual.

The technological switch from oil lubricated air compressors results in the business opportunity offered to professionals and DIYers to avoid condensate treatments and, at the same time, to comply with International regulations.

In addition, ABAC ZERO truly benefits every car repairer, painting specialist and carpenter with its limited maintenance operations. Due to the new oil-free setup, professionals are once and for all free from oil refill and change as well as finally being able to work in cleaner environments.

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