5 Reasons to buy bike tires online and install locally


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The eventuality of a flat bike tire is common, everyone knows it. And it’s also usual to rely on a bike shop to have your bike fixed and ready to be used again. So why should you buy your bike tire(s) online? Actually, there are several reasons pulling you on the other side, let’s evaluate step by step why taking this choice might change your habits and have a real impact on your pocket. 

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1 Convenience

Never bought online before? It can always be a good moment to begin with. We are in 2020 and buying online have never been easier. Make sure to have a card suitable for payment requirement: it’s just about checking payment systems accepted by the online shop you are buying from. Once you have chosen the bike tire add it to the cart and follow the purchase flow proposed. Pay attention to important elements as size, number of goods and model availability. You will be surprised how very often prices are lower compared to offline retailers. 

2 Time saving

Common excuses run by bike mechanics won’t be an issue anymore. That means you don’t have to listen to sentences as “I need some extra time cause your bike needs extra effort to be repaired” or “I’ve faced and unprecedented amount of fixing requests during last week”. Instead, you will receive at yours the bike tire(s) and without any time waste be able to begin your repairs. 

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3 No hassle

It has been told: go to the bike shop is easy and that’s true but have you considered pain points? By buying online you will avoid pesky high-pressure sales tactics, no time will have to be taken out of your busy day to go in there and, additionally, you won’t have to worry about coming back home with something that your mountain bike doesn’t need.

4 Repairing a bike at home is easy

Changing the bike tire as well as fixing a flat one are operations that can be done easily. However, even if these works are not hard it’s fair to say a basic bike toolkit  must not be overlooked. Tire levers, new tubes, patches and glue are only few of the spare parts and tools you need for routine operations. You could make yourself available with all of them step by step or all in once but when considering install or fix tires at home you would like to save money and make the process as efficient as possible. You would be smarter by granting yourself with an air compressor, these machines are multipurpose and reliable. Portable or stationary, small piston compressors are the most common solution used for bike maintenance but not the only one. If you are forced to work in tiny spaces and looking for plug-and-play, maintenance-free product you can also consider wall-mounted compressors.

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5 Customer reviews

What other customers have said about those tires you were keeping an eye on? You will have lot of reviews to choose the tire at your disposal. Finding the right bike tire for you is easy and quick. Moreover, online shops make you available an almost endless amount of brands and solutions. In other words, you are not compelled to bike shops availabilities for your mountain bike maintenance.