Piston compressors

Direct drive piston compressors

Best value option for wide range of applications with efficient energy use and low maintenance, from DIY to Professional users.

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Direct Drive Piston Compressors Range

Direct Drive Technology

Direct drive compressors are a popular choice for those who need reliable and efficient compressed air for a wide range of applications. Unlike belt-driven compressors, direct drive compressors feature a motor that is connected directly to the pump; such specific technology improves your compressor efficiency and reduces the down time required for maintenance.

Range Insights

ABAC offers a range of direct drive compressors that are used in a variety of settings, from small-scale hobbyist workshops to professional users. ABAC compressors are user-friendly and efficient, making them the perfect choice for daily use. For those who require virtually silent operations, our Semi Silent and Super Silent compressor ranges are the ideal solution. ABAC also offers CleanAir compressors with desiccant dryers and silenced models to provide even more versatility and options for our customers.

ABAC Catalogue 2024

ABAC Catalogue 2024

Popular Direct Drive Piston Compressors


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