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Uncompromising quality for ultimate air compressor maintenance. Original parts and dedicated services sustain performance, efficiency, and operating time.

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Parts and Consumables range

ABAC offers a wide range of original spare parts and consumables for your compressor, including easy maintenance kits. By using ABAC original parts, your equipment will operate smoothly, efficiently, and at optimal performance. No matter what your ABAC air compressor is, we have the dedicated parts for your product.

Piston compressor parts

Discover our wide range of high-quality and original parts for ABAC piston compressors. Keep your equipment running at peak performance with our reliable parts.
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Screw Compressor Parts

Find reliable, original and high-quality parts for your ABAC screw compressor. Keep your equipment running smoothly with our wide selection of parts.
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Generic spare parts

Explore our extensive selection of high-quality spare parts for ABAC air compressors. Keep your equipment running at its best with our reliable parts.
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ABAC Catalogue 2024

ABAC Catalogue 2024


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Learn more about our products with our compressed air blog: your support for buying air compressors.


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