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Workshops and air compressors are indispensable partners in automotive manufacturing, enabling assembly, painting, maintenance, and thorough cleaning operations.

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Air Compressors for Vehicles and Automotive Industry

Driving growth through air compressors: the backbone of automotive industry.

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Automotive Air Compressors: the Best Partner for Workshop, Assembly and Maintenance

Workshop and air compressor are born together: as a mechanic, you know that. As the owner of a workshop, you rely on air compressors for specific work needs. Stationary air compressors grant a performative source of air together with a higher working pressure. 

Air compressors are central in any automotive process by providing power to operate dedicated instruments. Indeed, compressed air enhances car blasting, sanding car paint, degreasing operations, car paint phases (primer, base paint, enamel, polish and refinement), tyre repair, car tyre inflator, air dusting gun pressure dusting and air cleaning

Air Compressors for Car Paint

The main activities within workshops are related to coating and fixing external parts of the vehicles. It is important regardless of what final operation is carried out that compressed air is without any moisture.

Compressed air can be of different quality. If in your operations oil particles are not pivotal to failure a lubricated compressor could be a perfect solution. Instead, when your air has to be completely clean oil free compressors are a better way to reach your goals. In addition, you can add several kinds of filters and dryers for purifying and draining. 

Air Compressors and Tools for Tyre Inflator and Tyre Repair

Which are the most important things you should know when it comes to fixing your own vehicle? Firstly, be aware air compressors greatly lighten the workload. Indeed, operations such as engine parts repair, tyre inflating and replacement would take a lot of time.

An air compressor in your garage is a multitasking tool. It can be a compressor for inflating tyres and checking tyre pressure, a compressor for tyre fitting, a compressor for the car body paint, but also a compressor for bike operations by only adding simple air tools. You can also use the air compressor for unscrewing lug nuts or ratcheting screws when it comes to removing the pulley of a timing belt. An air compressor dedicated to car body shops helps you with tasks as smoothing, sanding and polishing: it’s just about choosing the right gun, sander or grinding machine. Are you supposed to cut metal or other heavy-duty operation? There’s a wide portfolio of tools available. 

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