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We are a leading compressed air solutions company, providing the best compressors, tools and air distribution systems to fulfil even your most demanding needs.

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About ABAC

Air. Anytime. Anywhere.

Committed to quality, durability, and simplicity, we aim to make your life easier with our compressed air solutions that you can rely on for everyday use. From oil-injected screw compressors to mobile piston compressors, ABAC is the perfect business partner to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Professional Air Solutions

ABAC — The Compressed Air Specialist Near You

We are one of the world's leading providers of reliable and innovative compressed air solutions. We make a difference through technology, functionality and design, thanks to our in-house research and development team and extensive experience in the compressed air sector.



ABAC's Legacy and Innovation

Founded in 1981, ABAC is known for its prestigious legacy and commitment to technological innovation. Our success is rooted in pioneering the production of pressure-cast aluminium compressors and developing innovative piston and screw compressor models. We maintain consistently high product quality, validated by ISO 9001 certification and various significant licenses, including CE, TÜV/GS, CSA-UL, CETL, and GOST.

Driving Excellence and Environmental Commitment

ABAC's impressive history includes serving as the official supplier to the McLaren Formula 1 team and ranking among Italy's top 400 leading groups. Since 2007, we have embarked on a shared journey with Atlas Copco Group in the compressed air industry. ABAC's commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with Atlas Copco Group's vision, ensuring a greener future for all.


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Piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, air tools, parts and more. Explore the ABAC products portfolio.

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Learn more about our products with our compressed air blog: your support for buying air compressors.