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The new Formula and Genesis series.

Designed to deliver cost and energy efficiency, performance and reliability, ABAC’s new Formula and Genesis series of variable speed drive (VSD) compressors offer the ultimate solution.

Choosing the right compressor for your business is crucial.

As one of the market leaders in VSD technology, ABAC’s latest range of oil-injected screw compressors features an innovative direct drive transmission, which automatically adjusts the speed of the motor in response to demand for compressed air.

This results in average energy savings of up to 35% as well as an average reduction of up to 25% in the compressor’s total lifecycle cost.

Industry leading VSD technology

  • High performance: Direct Driven transmission. Free Air Delivery (FAD) improved by 9% on average compared to the previous range.
  • Reliable: heavy duty motors with IP54 and IP55 protection are suitable for operation in environments up to 46 degrees centigrade.
  • Intelligent controller: ABAC’s unique Airlogic in-built control unit
  • Energy efficient: VSD compressors deliver average savings of up to 35% and are 3% more efficient than belt driven transmissions.
  • Easy serviceability: simple maintenance or replacement of the coolers, separator and filters.
  • Minimal noise: noise levels of 64-72 dB(A)

Maximum energy saving

Energy is by far the biggest cost of compressor ownership, which is why ABAC is continuously striving to save its customers money. Designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise energy saving, ABAC’s energy recovery system can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line and environmental footprint, with energy savings of up to 75%.

The compact all-in-one compressed air system hat can be installed at the point of use.

Genesis Formula VSD infographic about the compact all-in-one compressed air system

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