Get advanced connectivity and intuitive controls, bring intelligence, ease of use, and valuable insights to your operations.

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Connectivity and Optimisation Drive Superior Performance

Advanced connectivity and intuitive controls bring intelligence, ease of use, and valuable insights to your operations. By harnessing these features, you can effectively reduce operating costs and boost productivity, all while tailoring the compressor to your specific situation and needs.

Screw compressors


ICONS keeps track of the maintenance needs of screw compressors remotely using the installed controls.

Piston compressors


Let our app guide you through the critical operations needed for your product: diagnose, guides, manuals and more. 

Original Parts and Consumables

New or old replacement parts, piston or screw compressor ones, for oil free or oil lubricated air compressors, we have them all. Time is precious though, this is why we provide you complete air compressor service kits too, discover our offer.

ABAC Resources

Buyer's guide

Find our stories, buying guide, product releases and applications insights.

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ABAC Resources


Find tips and advice to help you keep your air compressor performing at its best.

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ABAC Resources


Unlock the potential of your air compressor with expert advice and clever techniques.
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