ABAC Sanitizing Kit

The optimal solution for deep cleaning intended for virus and bacterial elimination

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By easily using pressurised air through the ABAC sanitizing fluid applicator, the disinfecting process is fast and efficient, reaching areas normally out of sight and inaccessible with traditional application methods. Thanks to the ABAC sanitizing kits vaporisation capability, all surfaces benefit from a uniform and even application of the disinfectant, ensuring outstanding results in the deep clean process not normally achieved with manual hand application.

This Kit includes:

Air Compressor

Safe, portable and easy to operate

Application Hose

Flexible, durable and compact

Sanitizer fluid applicator

Light and easy to use with a consistent and even fluid vaporisation

The ABAC sanitizing kit can be used safely in a wide variety of environments including:

ABAC Hose 10m
  • Private offices (halls, meeting rooms, etc)
  • Small and medium business facilities such as shops, bars, restaurants and other social gathering areas
ABAC Sanitizer fluid applicator
  • Manufacturing plants (including production areas and lab facilities)
  • Medical centres such as dentists, doctors and pharmacies
  • Public transport (trains, buses and aircraft)
  • Educational establishments such as schools and kindergarten

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