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Precision Compressed Air Solutions for Dental CAD/CAM

Discover our continuous duty cycle compressors for uninterrupted operations and our all-in-one solutions for dental laboratories.

CAD CAM dental computer-aided machine. Digital modern dental laboratory for prosthesis and crowns milling

Optimising Dental Milling with Advanced Air Technology

Enhance Your Dental CAD/CAM Milling with Our Specialised Compressed Air Solutions

Innovative Air Solutions for Dental CAD/CAM

In the field of dental restoration, precision and efficiency are paramount. Our state-of-the-art compressed air solutions are specifically designed to enhance your dental CAD/CAM milling processes. Adhering to the stringent standards of ISO8573-1:2010, ABAC air compressors, dryers, and filters deliver the clean, dry air that is essential for achieving optimal milling and grinding performance, as well as extending the longevity of your tools.

Continuous Operation for Demanding Tasks

Our S1 series compressors are engineered for a 100% duty cycle, capable of running continuously to meet the demands of lengthy operations that can span several hours, depending on the material being processed. This continuous operation is crucial for dental practices that require uninterrupted air supply for precise and detailed milling tasks.

Chairside Convenience and Laboratory Efficiency

Moreover, our compressors are designed with low noise emission and compactness in mind, allowing for installation directly below desktop units in clinics, providing a chairside solution that is both convenient and unobtrusive. For dental laboratories, our all-in-one solutions, which consist of a compressor, air dryer, filter, and air receiver, are the preferred choice.

Customised Solutions for Dental Professionals

By partnering with us, you can elevate the quality and productivity of your dental restorations. Our expertise in compressed air technology allows us to offer customised solutions that cater to the specific needs of your dental CAD/CAM milling machines.

Commitment to Dental

Excellence Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the best possible solutions for your dental milling processes. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our compressed air solutions can transform the way you work, bringing precision, efficiency, and reliability to your dental restorations.

Dental milling machine. Equipment for crafting precise dental prosthetics, crowns, and implants with high efficiency

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