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We are a leading compressed air solutions company committed to delivering superior air compressors, tools, and air distribution systems. Here at ABAC, we pride ourselves on our user-friendly, reliable, and innovative development and design. We offer continuous support from our experts located across the world who are available to assist with maintenance questions, spare part inquiries and accessory options.

Dedicated to quality, durability, and simplicity, we aim to make your life easier with our compressed air solutions that you can rely on for everyday use. From oil-injected screws to mobile piston compressors, ABAC is the perfect business partner to boost productivity and efficiency. 



Our key for success. ABAC focusses on People’s talent nurturing new generations from the university to the industrial field. The ABAC approach results in rooted sense of belonging and shared vision.


Important business achievements are meaningless without a constant glimpse of the future. ABAC keeps innovating compressed air technologies with hitherto overlooked yet groundbreaking methodologies and components design. The new dryer generation for piston compressors is only the most recent in a long line of innovative projects.


Innovation today means attention for energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions. ABAC invests in making the environment footprint reduction a concrete alternative for every air compressor user. We are proud to announce our challenge to extend the oil-free ranges to ABAC professional line.


ABAC machines high performances and well-known reliability originate from improved engineering practices and processes, our strong know-how. Mathematical models adoption is enshrined in everyday technical workflows and results in optimal design-quality ratio. The final outcome is performance efficiency for all ABAC product ranges. 


Appreciated for standardized yet high-quality products, ABAC has maintained its application-oriented attitude. Customer’s needs satisfaction has a leading role in ABAC strategy, the first step of a roadmap featuring the creation of the appropriate product for every industry and field of application. 


Since its creation in 1981 ABAC has always been recognized as prestigious and wide-ranging vision company. Technological excellence has resulted the funding element of ABAC and targets hit throughout the years are the most trustworthy proof of it. From the first, groundbreaking pressure cast aluminium compressors manufacturing to the multiple and innovative piston and screw compressors models, ABAC success relies on strong technical know-how and research and development. The high-standard quality accomplished is certified by ISO 9001 and many other important licenses among with CE, TÜV/GS, CSA-UL, CETL, GOST. ABAC thirty-year history is dotted with successful stories of which is worth to remember the participation to Formula1 championships as official supplier of MacLaren team as well as ABAC inclusion in the list of first Italian 400 leading groups. Since 2007 ABAC is sharing its path with ATLAS COPCO, an equally prosperous actor in the compressed air world. In order to pursue once more important goals and continue to be at the forefront of market innovation, ABAC has joined ATLAS COPCO views and values starting from its environmentally friendly intent.