Quality Air Applications

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When air treatment becomes essential? Sterilized and sanitized rooms, medical laboratories and, in general, when air has to be clean, pure and bacteria-free are places in which a compressor able to grant high quality air cannot be missed.

Dental laboratories as well as sanitized food productions are relying on air compressors to power various tools.

Quietness, reliability and top performances are trademarks and based on the airflow needed clean air compressors can operate several dental and medical units. The inner surface of these special compressors tanks is coated with antioxidant layers which guarantee a longer life cycle.

Which are fundamental features for air quality compressors?

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Regardless some technical features there are specific properties an air compressor with food and medical use ambitions can’t overlook. These elements are the one making such products suitable and compliant with legal medical standards:

·        Minimum noisiness

·        Highest purity

Oil free air: dry air compressor or oil injected one?

Before professionals choose a quality air solution is important to understand that air for dental uses and food ones has to be hygienic. As well as packages for food line manufacturing, dental laboratories need sterile and dry air. To clean air form oil particles and humidity represents a must. The dirty removal processes are granted thanks to specific filters and dryers. Actually, the latter have an important role in air cleaning process:  this is why engineers have developed several technologies related to them in the last year. On the one hand refrigeration dryers allow purification of the air by separating liquid elements thanks to a temperature modification process. On the other hand adsorption dryers offer the same results but throughout a more complex process.
When growth, proliferation, spread of bacteria linked to humidity have been fully averted and the air is constantly dehydrated it is also important to focus on oil side. Adopt an oil free air compressor is not a choice but a diktat if the aim is to have available air for medical and dental purposes.

Compressed, bacteria-free air is used, over than health sectors, in all the contexts in which final product (mostly food and beverages) is transformed: milking, treatments of waste water, blowing of PET bottles and many more. Even if minimal, oil contamination can imply expensive product damages or manufacturing breaks.

In summary, air for health or food applications had to be:

·        Devoid of oil after a dry air compression process

·        Devoid of condensate thanks to a quality air drying system