ABAC Tech ATF-S for Pro Users

Portable, oil-free, compact air compressors

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The Pro User's ATF-S Piston range has been designed with ease of use in mind. Our compressors are intuitive to use and are compatible with a variety of tools and equipment. With the Pro User's range, you can rest assured that you have the perfect tool for the job.


With zero risk of contamination and virtually maintenance free, save money on consumables and move the compressor anywhere without a problem.


Easy to transport and suitable for any workplace, this powerful but small unit is practical and user friendly with quick set up.

SILENT 68-72 dB

Providing a better quality of work environment with very low sound levels of 68-72 dB that safeguards user wellbeing and reduces pipework for point of use operation.

Get Maximum Functionality with the Pro User Range

Our Pro User range of air compressors is designed to provide maximum functionality and flexibility. Whether it's a tough job or a custom task, our air compressors are designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

With our advanced technology and patented design, you can trust that you're getting the best performance and reliability out of your air compressor. When making a commitment to invest in a continuous duty cycle compressor, professional users take into considersation a number of important factors.

Performance is paramount and the compressor must have enough power to drive operations for an extended period of time without compromising quality. Along with excellent performance, trustworthy and reliable product design is essential as any prolonged downtime can cost both time and money. Additionally, compatibility with other tools in use is also essential for certain workflows.

Pro Users look for a compressor that meets all three criteria so it can become an effective and reliable part of their daily operations and the ABAC Tech S1 ATF-S range offers just that.

Make your life easier with Pro User's ATF-S piston compressors


The Pro User's ATF-S Piston range has been expertly engineered to provide maximum efficiency and productivity. ATF-S compressors are designed to continuously handle all your professional needs, providing a reliable source of power to help you finish the job quickly and efficiently.



The Pro User's ATF-S Piston range has been built to last, with minimal service requirements and a long lifespan. ATF-S compressors are easy to maintain, with a simple user-friendly design and a dependable construction that ensures maximum reliability. 



Smaller footprint. The compact design of the ATF-S Pro User range  means that the air compressors are portable and easy to manouever. Making it easier for you to transport and set up which reduces your downtime between jobs, increasing your productivity throughout the day.


The risk of injury from manual handling is also significantly reduced with the user-friendly design of the ATF-S reciprocating compressors. With all models featuring handles and wheels for mobility.