Maximising Efficiency with VSD Air Compressors

Discover the benefits of variable speed drive technology for rotary screw compressors.

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Reduce energy consumption and costs with ABAC’s VSD compressor range

Variable speed drive (VSD) technology is revolutionising the air compressor industry. By automatically adjusting the speed of the motor in response to demand for compressed air, VSD compressors deliver significant energy savings and improved performance. In this article, we will explore the benefits of VSD technology for rotary screw compressors and highlight ABAC’s range of VSD compressors.

What is Variable Speed Drive Technology?

Variable speed drive (VSD) technology is a system that adjusts the motor speed of a compressor in response to changes in compressed air demand. This allows the compressor to use only the necessary amount of energy, reducing energy consumption and costs. VSD compressors are ideal for applications with fluctuating air demands, where they can provide average energy savings of up to 35% compared to fixed speed compressors. Additionally, a VSD compressor can start and stop under full system pressure without the need to unload, eliminating idling time or blow-off losses during normal operation. This results in quicker and more cost-efficient start-up with lower system pressure. Furthermore, VSD compressors can provide an average reduction of up to 25% in the compressor’s total lifecycle cost.

On the other hand, fixed speed screw compressors operate at a constant speed, regardless of the demand for compressed air. This means that they may use more energy than necessary when the demand for compressed air is low. Fixed speed compressors are better suited for applications with consistent air demands, where the compressor can operate at its most efficient point.

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ABAC’s VSD Compressor Range

Formula and Genesis VSD

ABAC offers a range of VSD compressors designed to deliver cost and energy efficiency, performance, and reliability. The Formula and Genesis VSD compressors feature an innovative direct drive transmission and an energy recovery system that can deliver energy savings of up to 75%. These compressors are also more efficient than belt-driven transmissions, with Free Air Delivery (FAD) improved by 9% on average compared to the previous range.

Spinn 2.2-7.5 VSD

ABAC’s Spinn 2.2-7.5 VSD compressors are the ultimate solution for reliable and long-lasting performance. Thanks to their innovative Variable Speed Drive technology, they are more dependable than ever before. With the ability to operate at lower speeds, these compressors experience less wear and tear on their components, resulting in a longer lifetime and lower operational costs. Additionally, the Spinn VSD is super silent and can be installed near the point of use without requiring a separate compressor room, saving on floor space, piping, and installation costs.

Discover ABAC VSD Screw Compressors

Formula and Genesis VSD

Unlock the full potential of your compressed air system with the Formula and Genesis variable speed screw compressor range.

Formula and Genesis VSD

Spinn variable speed

Thanks to variable speed drive, Spinn compressors can operate at lower speeds. Save up to 30% on energy costs.

Spinn variable speed range for references.

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