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Fast, efficient servicing for standard, off-road and mountain bikes

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Designed with bike shops in mind, this essential bike kit works with your ABAC XPN O15 Air Compressor to power speedy deep cleans and lightning-fast tyre inflation. With more customers served in a fraction of the time, the ABAC XPN Bike Kit means business.


Inflating pistol

Designed to service most hybrid, off-road and mountain bikes

Washing pistol

With suction cup for cleaning products

Inflating nozzle

Durable and easy to use

How to set up XPN O15 Tool Kits

More options, more value with multifunctional XPN Kits

You can unlock more options with ABAC’s multifunctional kits. Discover our range of add-on adapters and pistols specifically designed for the demands of the workshop, tackling everything from tyre inflation to deep cleaning.