ABAC screw compressors are best protected by the FluidTech range. For ABAC piston compressors, a wide range of ALTAIR products take care of the lifetime of the compressors critical components.

With the proper use of our high quality lubricants you will extend the life of your compressor, lower and control maintenance costs and maximize the compressor’s efficiency. Built to perform and designed to protect.

The use of low performance lubricants will damage irreversibly your equipment and lead to high maintenance and repair cost.

By using the ABAC certified lubricants, you can avoid next risks:

  • main root cause of premature compression element failure (rotors or pistons) 
  • wear of components, increased friction, cavitation 
  • reduced cooling, overheating bearings, compression elements, components 
  • reduced critical clearance 
  • corrosion 
  • wrong pH, damage of parts, seals and internals 
  • varnish layer on internal parts (coolers, piping,…) 
  • low performance, higher engery consumption, higher cost deposits 
  • high unpredictable maintenance cost 
  • clogging of oil filter, separator and down stream air filters
  • limited operation range

ABAC original parts

ABAC parts are manufactured to meet the same standards as your compressor. They have passed the same endurance tests and have been proven to provide the best protection of your investment