Genesis 5,5-22kW: The reference workstation

The legendary GENESIS, that’s a truly plug & play solution for air delivery, or just everything you need in one place! The GENESIS is ideal for OEMs and the medium size industrial and assembly aplications.

High performance air ends

Providing robustness and reliability

Comfortable working environment

extreme low noise level thanks to generous canopy insulation

As efficient as the large industrial compressors

Low maintenance, low energy consumption, low service input.

Enhanced efficiency and lifetime of your equipment and tools

All thanks to integrated refrigerant dryer and filter

Space efficient design

Ideal for small compressor rooms, the GENESIS series compresses and processes full quality air on a minimal space.

Simple and fast maintenance

Long service intervals, quick access to belts, filters & dryer, smart maintenance kits; oil level indicator

Maximum energy efficiency variable speed version

Full control and functionality just behind a few clicks with intuitive smart controller

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