Automotive Applications

Application automotive tyre pneumatic nutrunner

Workshop and air compressor are born together: ask your mechanic, you’ll have proof about that. The owner of a workshop relies on air compressors for specific work needs. Standard stationary air compressors grant performative source of air together with a higher working pressure. 

Despite automotive sector has grown a lot during last Century, vehicles building process has substantially remained the same. From small to bulky, all the parts pass through and are assembled on manufacturing lines by specialized workers. Air compressors are central both in the car assembly process by providing power to operate dedicated instruments and for maintenance of finished vehicles. Indeed, compressed air enhances blasting, sanding, degrease operations and all the painting phases (primer, base paint, enamel, polish and refinement).

Air compressors for car body painting

Application automotive tyre inflation gun

The main activities within workshops are related to coating and fixing external parts of the vehicles.

It is important regardless of what final operation is carried out that compressed air is without any moisture.

How to choose an air compressor for your body shop? 

Compressed air can be of different quality. If in your operations oil particles are not pivotal to failure a lubricated compressor could be a perfect solution. But instead, when your air has to be completely clean oil free compressors are a better way in order to reach your goals. In addition, you have the possibility to add several kinds of filters and dryers for purifying and draining. 

Where to install your air compressor?

It should be placed on a flat and stable surface, paying attention to guidelines about space to be left around the product. Easy access and proper ventilation are to be respected, over avoiding filthy and powdery environments. Needless to say, needs change based on the audience, DIYers in this respect can also fulfill their space requirements thanks to special design compressors.

Suggested products 

· Silent piston compressor: powerful, reliable silent air compressors perfect for high air demand of workshops and garages.

· Screw compressors: 100% duty cycle granted, top airflow guaranteed.

· Air treatments: we suggest refrigeration filters to remove liquids and dust and adsorption filters to shoot down oil vapour.

Inflating and repairing kits

Which are the most important things you should know when it comes to fix by your own a vehicle? Firstly, be aware air compressors greatly lighten workload. Indeed, operation as engine parts repairing, tires inflating and replacement would take lot of time.

An air compressor in your garage is a multitask tool. It can be a compressor for inflating tires, a compressor for fixing tires, a compressor for car body but also a compressor for bike operations by only adding simple air tools. You can also use the air compressor for unscrewing lug nuts or ratcheting screw when it comes to remove the pulley of a timing belt. A car body dedicated air compressor helps you for tasks as smoothing, sanding and polishing: it’s just about choosing the right gun, sander or grinding machine. Are you supposed to cut metal or other heavy duties operation? There’s a wide portfolio of tools available.