Agriculture and Garden Applications

Application agriculture tractor crop field

Compressed air solutions are used in nearly every aspect of agriculture operation and gardening.

From food industry relying on crop sprayers and conveyors systems to gardeners and farmers benefiting from dedicated tools, the need of compressed air is constantly growing.

Compressed air in the garden

Application agriculture farmer crop field

You can cut branches, adjust bushes, aspire leaves and topsoil, clean your barbecue grill, restore fences, paint gatherings and many more activities.

Actions allowed by compressed air in your garden are not only meant for green thumb specialists but less experts can benefit too from, for instance, engine driven mobile air compressors.

Let’s deepen few examples about how the compressor can support you within the garden area. 

Air compressor for pruning

Do you like to have your garden and terrace plants and bushes trimmed? Take care of your natural oasis in a smart and professional way with the right tools. By adopting air pruning scissor you have easy access to air compressor power: a quick and precise job is what will make your garden be one of the glossy magazines ones.

Air compressor for painting

If your air is to paint the gate of the house or repaint the fence of the garden you don’t have to worry about its material, it can be metal or wood, you won’t have any issue. Before doing maintenance on the railings or fence, you have to carefully treat the surface in order to remove the previous layer of paint, the rust and residuals. These operations is mandatory when it’s about painting properly a surface. The paint stripping of wood and metals with compressed air can be done with two methods:

1.   The first technique is to sandblast the wood or metal with compressed air thanks to a sandblaster. This is fundamental if you like to clean completely surfaces and bring them to their original shape. The sandblasting process is kind of controlled clean procedure widely used for wood attics or mansards renovation. The wooden elements as beams or other parts are, in this respect, brought back to their original glory by blasting with different pressures huge sand quantities on their surfaces.  

2.   Or alternatively, you can follow a similar process by adopting a pneumatic angle die grinder, or an orbital one.