Compressor oil Separation

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How an Air Oil separator works

The air-oil mixture enters the separator vessel at an angle. In doing so most of the oil is pushed out and drops easily down into the oil vessel. Oil is separated thanks to centrifugal force in this way.

A splash plate installed is able to prevents the air-oil mixing from hitting the separator filter directly. The 85% of the oil is separated with this process, the remaining 15% continues to exist the compressed air as small droplets and mist.

As this greasy compressed air flows through the separator filter, the small droplets melt and form large drops until they fall and collect at the bottom of the separator filter. Finally, the oil is then sucked up and removed by the scavenge line.

ABAC: stands for quality 

ABAC genuine oil separator is able to assure the maintenance of:

  • The oil of air compressor
  • The downstream filters
  • ABAC oil separators keep your compressed air quality at high level, safeguarding your processes and workflows as well as increasing lifetime of pneumatic tools.